I am a 40-something woman,  on the slippery downhill slide to 50 .  I grew up in Central Illinois, but because of career moves, we have lived in 4 other states since moving away for grad school in ’87.    We keep getting further South and are now in South Carolina, learning to enjoy grits and  be morally offended when cold white flakes fall from the sky.   My husband of almost 27 years moved in next door in Jr. High and we started dating shortly thereafter,  so I’ve been with him most of my life.   I’m a psychologist, working in a job I love with chronic pain patients and Jim is a private school teacher and administrator.  We were blessed with 4 daughters, although our oldest died in ’04 and the next oldest 2 are off on their own grown-up adventures so life is relatively quiet these days with only 1 teen remaining at home – hence the time to write a blog.

I started this blog in January, 2011 in memory of my friend Kim Foglia, a fiercely dedicated biology teacher and avid life-long learner who died after a hard fought battle against pancreatic cancer .   Kim’s motto until the end was “Seize the Day.” So in her honor my goal is to learn, do, or experience 1 new thing everyday throughout the year and to share some of it with my friends along the way.


3 responses to “About

  1. LB

    Interesting, I came across this site while looking for the origin of kerfuffle! I am a technology support teacher in a middle school. Quite often you will hear me say, “Education is a wonderful thing. I learn something new everyday.”

  2. lewis1212

    Thanks for stopping by, LB……I hope you have a nice summer!

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