Strange Google Searches

One of the most entertaining aspects of blogging on WordPress involves looking at the “Site Stats” to see  how many people have looked at the blog, where they live, and how they got here. The handful of regular “One New Thing” readers are people I know personally.   They consist primarily of family and friends, generally people who are either polite and click a link that appears on my Facebook page, or people who are extremely bored.   Some friends have blogs of their own and occasionally link to mine, which leads to a “friend of a friend” encounter.

However, it is always interesting to see the Google searches that lead here.  Most of them are pretty benign and often lead to a picture I’ve hijacked off the Internets.  When The King’s Speech was in theaters, I got dozens of hits from people searching for Colin Firth as King George VI.   And the simple search for Stars continues to show up as a Googled favorite, as are various Coke Bottle searches.

Hint to those Googling "Anti Demotivational Posters": Anti Demotivational Posters would just be Motivational

But then there are the searches that aren’t so mundane.  I continue to be amused at the number of people who end up clicking through to this post about the evils of Girl Scout cookies by searching phrases like demented girl scouts, Meth Cookies (are they looking for a recipe from Toll House?),  or Drugged on Girl Scout Cookies . I should have attached a picture of myself with a Thin Mints hangover.

Some people have questions for the great oracle of Google such as “how do I know if a Law firm is ripping me off on a class action lawsuit” (they are),   others are written in a different language (звезды), and a couple appear to have been searched for by a member of Congress (guy doing a girl with beer can resting on her back).  I have no idea which post of mine that last one links to, and am not willing to Google it to find out. Maybe my blog is more interesting than I thought!

Occasionally my Google searchers add to my own knowledge base.  Someone searched for “It was the most monstrous barbarity of the barbarous march” which linked to my post on Sherman’s March to the Sea, and I learned this was a quote from Whitelaw Reid in 1868.   I have yet to learn who Whitelaw Reid is, but I’ll get there eventually.

Lots of folks are looking for fashion advice.   While several searchers are scurrying to find out what the f*&k  resort casual is, one person wants to know if its OK to wear a leather jacket to such an event (only if its a biker resort and you have the matching pants).  There are also more than a few fanny pack fans out there, but one particular Googler made me curious enough to try this search myself.  As a result, I now have item #1 on next year’s Christmas list….the o-fishal Rockabilly Skull and Crossbones Fanny Pack:

I if I didn't have this blog, I wouldn't know about this awesome fashion accessory.


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