WordPress for Iphone

This is today’s new learning & experience – trying to figure out how to use this gizmo. I am not a big phone person but I have had an iPod touch for a couple of years and so far it’s similar. I don’t see a way to upload pictures here though – maybe that’s one of the reasons it gets low ratings. So what are your favorite apps?



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5 responses to “WordPress for Iphone

  1. Heidi Lou

    MusicID. If you hear a song on the radio and don’t know what it is, it will listen and identify it for you. And provide lyrics, if you want.

  2. On the WordPress app, there is a button called Media at the bottom. That’s what you use to add photos. I find it challenging to post anything but a very short post from my iPhone, though. It’s just a hassle. My favorite apps are games…Words with Friends and Qrank!

  3. I’ve done a couple of posts from the phone, even with pics, but just short ones as well.
    Oh my…lemme see…I love Awesome Note because it has a secure section and also reminders – keep me organized and acts as a great note pad.

    Shazam is the music app that I use. Honestly just search in the App Store for a word that matches to something you are looking for and you will find it! Every news source, every entertainment site. Oh, Goodreads has a decent app. Wikipedia does too.

    Now, I haven’t always paid attention to price though I have never spent more than $3 for an app.

  4. Maryann

    Scrabble, Angry Birds…wait, you probably want useful apps, don’t you?

  5. Ohhhh I love my iPhone! Let’s see, I love some of the photo apps (like ShakeItPhoto and InstaGram and Hipstamatic). I use the Redbox app a lot (to reserve movies or see whats available). And I use the Kindle app all the time, even though I have a Kindle… I still find myself reading on my phone when I have a few unexpected minutes. And of course, all sorts of mindless games!

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