My first IPad post

I don’t actually have an IPad but Jim does, so I borrowed it to see how I like it. Eventually my net book will need to be replaced and maybe I’ll get one of these. Or maybe not. So far it’s kind of awkward and I can’t figure out how to insert pictures. Does anyone blog with an iPad? anyway, I think this counts as a new experience.



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2 responses to “My first IPad post

  1. Heidi Lou

    I’ve found that I like my iPad more for input than for output. I could entertain myself for hours with it by reading, listening to music, watching videos, etc. But, if I felt motivated to do something like blog, I’d sit down at my computer. I don’t think my iPad could ever replace my laptop, but it’s great portable entertainment that I take lots of places where I’d never drag out my netbook.

  2. Heidi Lou

    BTW, there is a WordPress app for the iPad, so you might want to try that.

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