New experiences I would like to have

Things I’ve never done that I’d like to be able to blog about:

  • Attend a dog show
  • Go to the new Harry Potter park at Universal Studios
  • Go to a polo match
  • Travel to South America (I will in March!)
  • Open an E-trade account.  Just because I like the baby commercials so much.
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Attend a college football game
  • Meet my fantasy BFF Rachel Maddow
  • Go on a big-game safari (the photo kind, not the gun kind)
  • Go to Comic Con
  • Have or attend a wine tasting party
  • Figure out how to use Twitter
  • Learn a totally new skill/craft

What’s on your list?



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5 responses to “New experiences I would like to have

  1. Gwen

    Twitter is really pretty easy. I could help you with that.

    • Marcia

      OK—-tell me how you use it. Do you just go to it every once in awhile/when you remember, do you have it open on your computer all the time? Or does it come to your phone? And what do all those symbols and abbreviations mean?

  2. I’d go with you to everything but the dog show, E-trade or deep-sea fishing (BTDT got seasick!)

  3. Marcia

    Doc T—-I’m going to see if there’s a polo match at the winery in Crozet during the time we’ll be in that area this June. We’re going to visit a few wineries while Anna’s at camp and I remember they hold them there.

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