Something I haven’t been able to figure out

Maybe someone can help me learn this, because I’ve never been able to figure it out. Why are airline tickets cheaper if you fly with more connections rather than directly?  For instance,  when we go to Ecuador we will fly from Charlotte to Miami to Quito.  Yet the same tickets would be quite a bit cheaper if we went from Charlotte to LaGuardia to Miami to Quito (exact same flight from Miami to Quito).  We are not going to do that, because the extra money is not worth flying all over the country…the more flights we have the more likely it is that we’ll miss a crucial one or our luggage wouldn’t make it.  I would think it would cost the airline more, not less, to take us on an extra siteseeing trip to New York, but this doesn’t seem to be an anomaly.  It is almost always cheaper to book with 1, 2 or more connections than to fly directly even if you end up on the exact same plane for the final leg. Anyone?

In case you’re wondering, I have been learning and experiencing although I haven’t been the best at sticking to the “every day thing” and there’s no way I can keep up with blogging about it all.  I do think it evens out in that some days I might not learn anything, but other days I will come away with several new bits of knowledge or a couple new experiences. For instance, this past weekend I attended my first ever Eagle Scout Ceremony and as part of that I learned quite a bit about traditional ceremonies and what the requirements are to become an Eagle Scout. Interesting!



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3 responses to “Something I haven’t been able to figure out

  1. midwestgreen

    I think it’s supply and demand – more people want direct flights so the airline charges more. Fewer people want those short hoppers (or need/want to go to the smaller cities) so the airlines cuts you a deal if you’ll take that flight. I don’t know if it’s true – just my hunch.

  2. Michelle

    I believe it’s supply and demand. The demand for non-stop flights is quite high and they can charge accordingly. Similarly, people generally hate having to make two or more stops so those tickets are harder to sell.

  3. Amy

    Does it have something to do with not only supply and demand but the number of people leaving the airport of your departure – maybe they take you to other stops to pick up others in different areas looking for that final destination…does that make sense? I don’t mean that your flight goes to different places to pick up others going to your final destination, but that they transport them to a central place where then, they have a bigger number of people gathering to get on that flight to your final destination?? Do you get what I am trying to say?? So then they use less flights, less fuel, etc so it ends up costing less in the end?

    I am not putting this together the way I’d like – I sound ignorant in trying to put together what I am trying to say the right way …LOL

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