The King’s Speech and my history deficits

Yesterday Jim & I saw “The King’s Speech”.   It was an excellent movie based on the true story of King George VI (the current Queen Elizabeth’s father) who stuttered, and his relationship  with his likable and unorthodox Australian speech therapist.  It was interesting and uplifting….2 thumbs up.  Like most movies of this sort, some of the historical details have been criticized, but the general plot was true, and  given my overall weakness in terms of history, almost everything in the movie qualified as “new learning” for me.

After all, I had Charlie Fox for World History as a freshman in high school, one of his last years of teaching the subject. His method for covering the material was to give each student a copy of  the huge history book and tell them to sit there and read it.  When you finished each unit, you went up to Mr. Fox’s desk where he sat, usually sleeping, and without disturbing him found the multiple choice and True/false “Unit Test” for those particular chapters, then took it back to your desk and completed it .    I think it was even “open book” and he gave us the key to grade them ourselves although I couldn’t swear to that this many years later.  Needless to say, not much world history was learned that year, although lots was learned about romance novels, relationships, parties, Erik Estrada and Charlie’s Angels (yes, I cheated and googled to see who was famous in 1978).  Most of the time I had one of those trashy novels with Fabio on the cover, his hair flowing behind him holding  the damsel with “heaving alabaster bosoms”, hidden behind the cover of the World History textbook.

These days I wish I knew more about World War II and less about Shaun Cassidy and Scott Baio  but most of us DHS grads still smile when we remember Charlie Fox, so it wasn’t all bad.   Jim claims that his freshman history course the following was taught by someone else, so by then Mr. Fox had moved on to sleeping in the passenger’s seat while we took turns driving to the Donut shop in driver’s ed.


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  1. Jeff Lewis

    Marcia — Loved your post! I too had not so interesting history teachers in high school (I had fun ones in grade school). I guess that is why I loved college so much, they made learning fun and it was all new! History and Drivers Ed always seemed to be taught by the male coaches.
    What is interesting is that my best friend is a big Diana fan and has read about the royal family and what he has said is that Edward went with that gal because she let him mess around with guys. History is so much more interesting when you know some of the details!

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