Fanny packs

Today I learned that I shouldn’t wear my fanny pack in Ecuador.  Kim says fanny packs announce to everyone that you’re a tourist and scream “rob me.”  Personally I think my kids are just in cahoots because they’ve been trying to get me to ditch the fanny pack for years.   Here is a picture of me wearing my favorite fanny pack on a recent vacation:

How perfect is that?  My arms are free and yet it has room for all the essentials…a water bottle, sunglasses, my camera, cell phone, wallet and make-up. Plus it even has separate compartments so everything is all organized and handy. It might even qualify as cozy casual.

But I guess since Kim and most of her friends in Ecuador have actually been robbed several times I will trust her judgment, even though I doubt any of them were wearing fanny packs.



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4 responses to “Fanny packs

  1. Deb Guattery

    Sorry Girlfriend, but the fannie pack has got to go

  2. Simone

    Well … if you come to Australia, don’t call it a fanny pack. ‘Fanny’ has a slightly different meaning here… 🙂

  3. Well now, I’m here to tell ya… while the fanny pack is unsightly – it does serve a purpose when traveling. In Guatemala, we all had those thin travel packs that go under your clothing with extra money and passports, so they would be ultimately safe and hidden. I carried a cross-over pack to stash my camera in when I wasn’t using it (which was rarely) with also might have screamed “tourist”. But the one thing I did notice is EVERYONE had a bag of some sort – all the locals had bags. I’m assuming b/c they walk everywhere they go (or take a bus) so it wasn’t like they could easily access stuff after they’d left home for the day. A few days into the trip, I purchased a cross-over bag that looked like every other one I saw locals carrying – so I’d fit in more and hopefully it wouldn’t attract the attention of someone wanting to rob me.

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