Cats drink differently than dogs

Today’s learning comes to us compliments of 14 y/o Anna, who strongly believes teachers waste way too much of her time teaching her things she will “never need to use in real life.”   You know, spending time on things like algebraic equations rather than how to balance a checkbook (hint—if your education doesn’t go beyond learning how to balance a checkbook, you’re not going to have any money in the checkbook to balance).  Or they make their students memorize facts about some war that happened back before they were even born (like anything that happened longer than 15 years ago could even be important, much less interesting) when they could be using that valuable time to draw more wolf-like cartoon characters or hold a skype conference to discuss who likes who and what they should wear to the dance.

But in the midst of hearing her out and listening to the examples of totally WORTHLESS learning she has had to waste valuable brain-space on she said, “For instance, who CARES how cats drink?!   Why is it even important to learn that cats don’t lap their water up using their tongue like a ladle, like a dog does?”

Well, I care.  And Jim cared too.  So we had her explain process to us, and find a you-tube video to show us how cats actually curl their tongues the other way and pull the water up by kind of splashing into their mouths. And thus I learned my new fact, which I thought was pretty cool even if it didn’t involve any useful life-lessons such as where to buy the right undergarments to match your strapless dress or how its important to brush your tongue with a special tongue de-germing device to prevent bad breath.



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3 responses to “Cats drink differently than dogs

  1. Rebecca

    But that’s not really different from how dogs drink! They curl their tongues back too:

  2. lewis1212

    Apparently the physics is different (they’re doing physics in science which is I assume why they had this lesson)…’s a description of the difference:

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