Quick, teach me something!

I realized this morning I didn’t learn or experience anything new yesterday.   Surely there must be SOMETHING – after all, isn’t the saying, “You learn something new everyday?”    But if I did learn something, I sure can’t think of what it was.  I heard news and learned new things about other people, but I don’t think that counts as knowledge.    So educate me…..I’ll make up for it today and do some extra learning.



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9 responses to “Quick, teach me something!

  1. Kim

    Here’s something I learned recently, perhaps you will find it as interesting as me:

    According to the 2005 UNICEF publication “Child Poverty in Latin America,” 22.7% of children aged 0-18 in Ecuador live below the poverty line. For comparison purposes– that is the lowest in all of Latin America.

    In the United States, 21.9% of children aged 0-18 live below the poverty line. (YES, that’s a .8% difference with Ecuador, a so-called “third-world” country). The US has the highest incidence of child poverty in all of the “developed” countries UNICEF lists– about twice that of Germany, and 5 times that of Denmark– for instance.

    I think this is my point: let’s stop categorizing Latin America as “third-world” and assuming that poverty only exists down here. Poverty just looks different here (here in Ecuador for instance, homelessness is WAY less of a problem than in the U.S., though malnourishment and lack of clean water is much bigger of an issue).

    • lewis1212

      And the amount the US uses to define poverty is WAY lower than “true” poverty…..its about $18000 or a family of 3 (ie, a single Mom and 2 kids). So if the Mom makes $25000, the kids don’t even count in the poverty stats, but they would still be pretty poor, especially if Mom needed childcare and they had medical expenses.

  2. Amy

    Ok Marcia….Kim taught you something – now teach me something…what is all this stuff on the bottom of your blog – ? I have the option of tweeting it, and now “digg it”….what is Digg? I am getting too old for all of this stuff….LOL!!

    I never noticed the option of sharing your blog on these sites until today. Only your blog has the tags on the bottom for facebook, twitter and digg out of the blogs I read…..

    • lewis1212

      Very cool-I’d never heard of plasma rain (and I thought Plasma was blood). I’ve been doing some reading on it. Thank you!

  3. not sure about 69

    it takes 8 seconds for light from the sun to reach the earth

  4. George

    You are the only person in the world who will understand yourself 100%
    Remember that the next time you feel misunderstood!

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