SAT word of the day

The lazy person’s guide to learning or experiencing something new everyday: when you’ve reached the end of the day and nothing new has presented itself,   learning a new word is always a good filler.

The good (?) news is that I already knew almost all the words on the Top 100 SAT list, so I am fairly confident I could get into college if needed.   Unless they require that math section, because I’m not even going there.   But I did find a few new-to-me words.   Here is one:

Perfidious.   Definition (no kidding): characterized by perfidy.   I think if you tried to get that one by an English teacher you’d fail.   Looking a little further, however, I find that it means disloyal, treacherous, unfaithful, untrue, deceitful.   Perfidy seems to be used primarily within the context of war, and is prohibited by the Geneva Convention.    For instance, it would be perfidy to pretend to surrender with the intent of drawing the enemy in to negotiate, then attacking them, or for soldiers to pretend they’re civilians.


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