Another rather pitiful new experience

Most days I bring my lunch to work.  Its healthier, cheaper, and easier.  But occasionally I either don’t have anything I want to pack, or purposely decide to treat myself.   Since I don’t usually work Fridays, but had to do so this week in order to make up the snow days, I decided it would be a “treat myself to Chick-Fil-A” day and left the handy-dandy blue lunchbox at home.    Except once I got to work I forgot that I had planned to go to Chick-Fil-A until about 12:15, and if your Chick-Fil-A is anything like ours, you know that by then its too late.  If I don’t leave by 11:30, I can’t even get into the parking lot, much less get through the drive-thru, back to the office and still have time to actually eat.   Since I didn’t have that much time or patience, the Wendy’s across the street got my business.

And here’s where the exciting new experience happened.   You see, I love Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwiches so much that I never get one anywhere else.   At Wendy’s, I either get a salad or a burger.  Except this Friday I thought, “HEY….I should live outside my comfort zone.  I could get a WENDY’s Homestyle Chicken Sandwich!” (yes, my thoughts are really this mundane).   So I did.   I then took it back to the office, determined to give the Wendy’s bird a chance.  After all, I like their burgers OK, and their salads and  their Frosty’s.  And I like those new sea-salt fries too.   And the picture of the Homestyle Chicken Sandwich looked good, so my hopes were high that I would like it too.

WRONG!!  First thing I noticed was that I had to remove a really horrendous piece of iceberg lettuce and one of those pinkish-white cardboard tomatoes.   I like lettuce and I like tomatoes but these were both cheap, wilted and sad looking, so I wrapped them in a napkin and gave them a proper trash-can burial.  Then I noticed that underneath the sorry lettuce and tomato, the sandwich itself was soggy with mayonnaise (Chick-Fil-A lets you add your own mayo or mustard or BBQ or whatever your choice is rather than giving it to you pre-soaked).   While I probably would have added a little mayo anyway, the result of having the mayo smeared all over the hot sandwich, sitting under warming lights, for awhile,  then riding in my car was not very appetizing.

And then there was the chicken itself.     My Chick-Fil-A sandwiches pretty consistently look like this…plump and crispy brown:

But the Wendy’s sandwich was pale and limp and soggy without much crisp at all.  It didn’t even look like it was the same species bird.   In fact, I just went looking for an image of a marketing photo of a Wendy’s sandwich and found this cool site, Fast Food Revealed, which  shows actual photos of the reality compared to the ads…..and sure enough there it was, MY Wendy’s Homestyle Chicken Sandwich.  The one on the left is what I was hoping for, the right is what I got, although I think my lettuce had a little more brown around the edges:

Needless to say, this new experience goes into the “Fail”  column.  Probably like this entire blog post 🙂   Really, I do plan to move beyond bottles of Coke and Chicken Sandwiches, but not every day can consist of a trip to another continent or an exotic new food or once-in-a-lifetime experience…..most new experiences are just as simple as trying something different at the drive-thru.



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3 responses to “Another rather pitiful new experience

  1. suzi

    oh man, that sucks. I’ve never eaten at a ChickFilA…

  2. chris smith

    Of course the crappy produce offends you. You are married to 12th level gardener with almost 30 experience points.

  3. Kim

    Marcia, probably the McDonald’s down there don’t have the “southern chicken sandwich” which is their approximation of Chik-fil-A, but it is a decent substitute (Suzi, you could try that one!) I have been dying to try their new spicy chicken biscuit, but I don’t think I’ll get to a Chik-Fil-A before breakfast ends with the closest one being about 2 hours away.

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