Weather-related tidbits

I’ve spent much of the past 2 days watching and reading about the weather.  Consequently, I have new meteorological knowledge.  Things that I probably have heard before, but never paid much attention to.  For instance, I listened carefully while Jim Cantore and his  hot weather babes explained the difference between sleet and freezing rain and the conditions which cause each.  It has to do with the amount of warm/cool air between when the water is released from the sky and what it goes through on the way down before hitting the ground.  Safety-wise,  sleet is better than freezing rain because it freezes before it hits the ground then bounces like hail.  Freezing rain hits as a liquid, but then quickly freezes on whatever it lands on…the pavement, trees, or power lines.

I also learned how uncommon it is that Columbia, SC has had 3 snow storms within the past calendar year.  There have oly been 45 times ever, since the mid-1800’s  that more than 1.5 inches of snow have fallen in Columbia, and 3 of those have occurred within the past year.  I’m kind of feeling like a jinx.

And I learned that 1 snow day is fun, but 2 is too much….particularly coming on the tail-end of a weekend following a Holiday.   I’m ready to get back to work.


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